At a time when art was moving into ever-more abstract forms, where expression was king, Hopper offered a more traditional approach in capturing charming scenes across the United States in his bright realist style.

The collection of his best work included here underlines how his style points to influences from the French impressionists of the 19th century, combining with the unique environment in which he was brought up in the US.

Nighthawks is the most famous example of Hopper's method of capturing simple scenes in from American life, never filling the canvas with too many individuals. Often, a single person would be used to make the focus of the painting.

Experimentation with light was also something Edward Hopper incorporated into his work, often by using the angles of light across internal rooms of houses and offices, of the influence of light across objects in a landscape.

One interesting aspect of this career was how the calmness of these scenes would contrast so markedly with the artist's own inner turmoil which would eventually bring his influential life to an abrupt end.

There is a timeless, accessible quality to Edward Hopper paintings, without the controversy of abstract expressionists, but retaining the bright colour and imagination of impressionism.