Day to day life has been depicted wonderfully by Edward Hopper, an American Realist painter.

When it comes to scenes of everyday life in America, Hopper took his inspiration from every place - railroads and bus stands, busy streets to lonely countryside, houses by the riverside to lighthouses, in short, anything that showcased the commonplace rather than the unique.

A single man is messing about on the pump but he is not dressed in an attendant's uniform. It is night time and the lights at the pump are switched on.

The picture certainly has a vivid sense of isolation and loneliness, a common theme to most of Hopper's paintings.

Experts also believe that Gas represents a refuge as well for lonely people travelling through the night on a mission to get somewhere.

Hopper has, in another marked trait characteristic of his paintings, worked on the lighting and colour effects.

The light from the station itself is bright, throwing that part of the area into relief. The petrol pumps stand out with their deep red colour, while the background trees appear impenetrable.

The lone figure appears rather insignificant in the entire picture.

It is not known whether this painting has been based on a specific petrol pump, but it is believed that it is an amalgamation of all the different pumps Hopper has seen.

According to Hopper's wife, Jo's diary, the two of them drove around looking for petrol pumps in the twilight in order for Hopper to paint this picture.

The painting today hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA.

Gas is one example of where Hopper uses no people at all and the objects of the gas station serve entirely as the scene. It is perhaps his most famous painting except for Nighthawks.

One can easily imagine what may have been going on in the lighted office to the right of the work and it would be interesting to know the location of the gas station, and whether it is still in use or not.

The mood throughout the career of Hopper is tranquility and a lack of activity other than with the main focus of each painting.

Many sources within the media have made use of the inspirational work of Edward Hopper including films and television programmes.

The artist is now well known internationally but he will always be most loved within America because of the style of his work and the way that it charmingly captures moments within American society of the past.

Many will get their own memories from seeing his paintings and it is easy to understand why so many are still interested in his career.